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What Is SEO?

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‘SEO’ is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. Put simply, SEO is a set of tasks and strategies designed to get your website ranked higher in organic search engine results – that is, the spots below the sponsored ads, which you don’t pay to attain.


The way search engines like Google determine who gains first page status is ever changing and there is no overnight method of reaching the top. Consider the ranking algorithm as Google’s secret sauce – all we get is a few hints and tasting notes to work with progressively over time.

Search engine optimisation was once as simple as plugging the keyword you wanted to rank for multiple times within content. However, this was quickly abused and now such methods are heavily penalised. Now it’s all about themes, good content and your brand presence online. If an SEO strategy sounds like a dirty tactic in the everyday, it probably is one online too – and it won’t get you far.

Search engines these days are working hard to give Internet users the best quality results available and companies like Google are implementing an algorithm to serve this purpose. Rich, relevant and original content is the way forward, coupled with an easy to use website that people enjoy visiting and sharing.

SEO is now as much about understanding your audience and their expectations as it is about understanding your keywords. Markers of authority for search engines (which influence your ranking) include how users interact with your website, your social media presences and digital brand on a more general scale. Think about your brand website as a property you own and your social media/online brand as the neighbourhood. No point having the best house in a shady hood. The gap between overarching digital marketing strategy and search engine ranking is rapidly closing. So when we do SEO audits for our clients we usually do them in conjunction with a marketing approach to raise your online profile.

For most businesses, the potential leads produced by search engine traffic are invaluable and when performed effectively return on investment is often readily available. If you are interested in more information on our bespoke SEO and digital marketing strategies give us a call.

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