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What Is A Hashtag?

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Surprisingly this is a question we get a lot – What the heck is a hashtag?


Hashtags are used on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to categorise a post or tweet. For example, if Publica was to post something about design, we might use the hashtags #design or #publicadesign if we wanted to make our hashtag more specific to us. Once we have hashtagged our tweet or post, it will show in the social media search results for that hashtag. The use of hashtags are various and depend on the intended effect. But to help you understand them a little better we have put together 5 things you should know about the social media symbol.


5 Things You Should Know About The #


1. There Are No Spaces In Hashtags. 

As soon as you hit the space bar your hashtag ends. If you want to separate words use capitals. For example #DontUseSpacesInHashtags


2. Use Them On the Right Platforms 

Hashtags are supported and used on Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr. Using a hashtag on LinkedIn won’t do you any favours.


3. You Don’t Want To Overdo It. 

Be selective about how many hashtags you put in a post or tweet and how often you use them. Overdoing it can come across as extremely irritating to your audience. This is probably best illustrated by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.


4.  It’s Good to be witty

Sometimes the best use of a hashtag is for humour. Be ironic, add context and poke fun at pop culture with your hashtags. These are often the tweets that get the most shares and go viral.


5. You Can Anchor your User Generated Content Campaigns Or Coin Your Own

By use of a campaign specific hashtag, you can consolidate user generated content. For example, Spark ran a campaign in collaboration with Spotify for Rhythm & Vines festival goers to upload their festival stories using the hashtag #MyFestivalStory. On the other hand, if you want to make a certain type of content you post readily accessible to your audience, you can coin your own hashtag. For example, our work is always tagged #Publicadesign and can be found using this hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.


Want to learn more about how social media can benefit your business?

Publica offers social media and digital marketing strategies to a wide variety of clients. Contact us today to find out more or have a chat about what we can do for you.




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