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Why Videos Should Be Part of Your Content Strategy

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As finalists of the Champion Canterbury Business Awards this year we were tasked with putting together some video footage about our business. A big thanks to our mate Jono at JDSmit Productions, who shot some clips of Ken (Publica’s favourite gorilla) having a good time exploring the city and touching base with some of our clients. This is a snippet of Ken’s big day out.

Why videos should be part of your content strategy

Have you noticed that you’re watching more videos online than ever before? Experts believe that video will have taken up 57% of consumer internet traffic this year. That’s almost 4 times as much as web browsing and email. By 2017 this will have risen to 69% and in 2018 it’ll be 79%. So, should you be thinking about video marketing?

Let’s talk for a moment about ‘Millennials’ or ‘Gen Z’. These guys were born from the mid-90’s to today and are seen to interact with brands, celebrities and entertainment in different and more interesting ways than the older generations. Research says that if they could only have one device, zero out of 10 would choose to keep their televisions, but nine out of 10 watch YouTube daily.

But this trend doesn’t just affect the young guns out there. There has been a general shift in the way we, as a society, expect to interact with people and brands.

Changes in our favourite social media platforms illustrate this well. You may have noticed that over the past 12 months every major social network has increased the prominence and importance of visual content.  And this year we’ve seen Twitter launch video autoplay in our feeds, Facebook give advertisers the option to buy video ads and the rise of live streaming video via apps like Periscope.Why video should be part of your content strategy

Should you give video marketing a go?

The effective use of video content for your brand could result in significant increases to your website and blog traffic, social media engagement and leads. Oh, and ultimately revenue.

Using elements of video on your website will enrich your content and optimise a viewer’s experience on your website. The inclusion of video improves engagement and the amount of time visitors spend on your website (which are both great for SEO), and the chances of users sharing your content on social media.

Whether it’s a product demo, tutorial, vlog, case study or just sharing your team’s office antics, video is definitely worth considering as part of your content marketing strategy.


Things to keep in mind with video marketing

Length matters

Audience attention spans drops off significantly at about 30 seconds. Keep it punchy.

Don’t be salesy

Don’t make a TV ad. Think of the video marketing space as social and entertaining. Think disruptively and creatively.

Personality is kingpin

Videos are a great way to convey your business’s authentic personality. Be yourselves and personalise your business.


Ps. If you need help on how to include video content on your website or within your social media strategy, give us a call.


Written by Emma Sage

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