Vital Neuro

Brain wellness apps


  • AWS
  • Mobile
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi Integration

What we did

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Full Stack Development
  • API Integration
  • B2B + Enterprise Tools
  • Product | Hardware Integration
  • UI/UX Design

US based Vital Neuro are leading a breakthrough in brain wellness technology. 

Development partner Publica has delivered a scalable, end-to-end cloud-based platform and companion iOS and Android apps including architecture, design and development. This complex digital ecosystem provides real time EEG, data driven results dashboard, and neuroguided focus training to users.

The product experience includes wearing headphones that read EEG electrical impulses of brain activity through the skin. The output is a personalised program of music and sound tailored to the individual’s stress profile, to encourage immediate relaxation and long term wellbeing. The final result is productive people – reduced stress, increased job satisfaction, peak performance and efficient workplaces.

Publica worked as part of a wider team comprising of hardware specialists, neuroscientists and brain experts across the world as the project team’s digital partner. The created ecosystems of natively developed apps for iOS and Android, and a PHP Laravel platform to manage companies, teams and team members, define and manage EEG pipeline parameters as well as decode the raw EEG data.

Involving skills from every corner of the Publica office, our team has delivered an MVP that acted as proof of concept and validation for future innovation. We’re now in development of the first commercial and consumer products for release in 2020. 

It’s a side of brain-focussed technology that’s not been seen before in the commercial sphere, and there’s more to come from Publica and Vital Neuro’s work together. With future funding secured, the two teams continue to collaborate on Vital Neuro’s beta product – watch this space.


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