Sleep Genius

Science-based sleep apps


  • Java
  • Objective C | Swift

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS App

An app that puts your mind to rest.

Sleep Genius combines neuroscience and musicology to rock over-stimulated minds to sleep – then – track, manage and optimise it.

Propelled in the first instance by US venture capitalists who understood its high growth potential, the app was well awarded at release. The app was recognised as ‘Best of Month’ on the App Store, and featured on the home page of iTunes three times.

The project team reimagined the traditional morning alarm, by softening the shock with a gentle musical introduction. Gradually, it transitions into an alarm making sure you wake up on time. For those that don’t have time for the full eight hours, this tool offers power nap and relaxation modes.

It’s received thetick of approval from NASA astronauts, and the public have been using the app for a better sleep too – it’s available across the iOS and Android app stores.

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