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Shiftjet is a cloud-based staff scheduling system for shift-based businesses, designed to minimise the challenges associated with rostering shift-working employees by facilitating the management of staff rosters, annual leave, timesheets and more.

It’s no secret that manually rostering shift-based staff is an inefficient way of managing employee rosters. In looking to streamline airline rostering requirements and automate workforce management, we partnered with the team at Lightbase Management Software Solutions to develop a simplified rostering and streamlined management solution. 

Kickstarting the partnership with a discovery workshop, we took a deep dive with our clients into the traditional and chaotic approach of rostering staff using spreadsheets and established how the team aims to automate the process and take it to the next level online. 

Through our deep dive we found most standard shift rostering systems don’t take into account individual staff service level agreements or other data, leading us to the conclusion that we needed a custom solution. Something that gives supervisors access to employee schedules and automatically develops a skills matrix or framework to map employees’ skills and experience level to ensure the appropriate staff are scheduled in for the right shifts.

With a production plan, product specifications and a prototype in place, our team started constructing the bespoke software, learning early on in development that the rostering solution could be used for more than just aviation and customised to aid all types of industries and shift-based businesses.

With software development underway, we began building the brand and the business’ online presence. Thinking about the software as a solution that can pump out shift rosters at jet speed, the word ‘Shiftjet’ came about as the name for the new solution. 

The new website commercialises Shiftjet by educating visitors about the solution and selling its value online. iOS and Android Shiftjet apps ensure the streamlined management system is available on the go. With features that grant access to schedule staff, control payroll, sign documents online and clock in and out with an integrated attendance system, the app empowers employees and grants supervisors ultimate control – straight from the power of their smartphones.

At long last, our clients have an all-in-one software solution, impactful brand, digital platform and state of the art apps to aid them in giving business extra time and total resourcing control. 


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