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Alps .
Rhythm & Alps .

New Zealand’s biggest New Year’s Eve festival, Wanaka-based Rhythm and Alps has been working with Publica since 2017 on delivering refreshed festival creative.

Each year our design team has created an illustration-led approach to the festival, the concepts centred on mysticism to speak to the festival’s feel. In building buzz through bold design, we delivered creative that gets potential party-goers to start their New Years Eve plans. Our hero, illustrative character leads all collateral, media and festival projections. Animated ads of the illustration play across social media channels for increased digital engagement driving viewers to booking.

In continuing with the creative theme, every year’s imagery is grounded in the feel of the festival’s striking setting – the Southern Alps. Throughout the years, the creative evolution has built on the previous feel to bring new focus. This time round, our avatar represents rebirth – in all its 3D and psychedelic glory.

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