Pop Up Penguins

Bringing penguin-flavoured public art to the city

What we did

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Design

Pop Up Penguins – a large-scale and reimagined public art event happening between 29th Nov and 31st Jan.

In the wake of the wildly successful Christchurch Stands Tall giraffe sculpture trail, Publica have been working closely with Wild in Art to deliver this initiative. The project team worked collaboratively to name the Pop Up Penguins event and developed the branding to bring the project to life. Taking an illustrative approach, all creative assets communicate the event’s lively and unique offering.

The Pop Up Penguins event includes 50 large penguin sculptures displayed around unique parts of Christchurch city, experienced as an art trail. Behind the scenes, companies and artists team together around a sculpture to sponsor and decorate with purpose, highlighting themes such as community, creativity, and climate change. After 10 weeks, the street-sized penguins are auctioned off to raise money for Cholmondoley’s Children’s Centre.

As Creative Partner, Publica are on board to amplify Pop Up Penguin’s impact through engaging design. Decorating our very own penguin sculpture, we’re looking forward to putting our weight behind the momentum that this event will bring to Christchurch city.

PopUp Penguins Inner Image Template_004

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