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The New Zealand College of Midwives has been working with the Ministry of Health for over four years to resolve resourcing issues for community midwives.

Publica teamed up with the College to lift public awareness of the working conditions that affect New Zealand’s babies, mothers and midwives. Focusing on the backbone of the woman’s pregnancy process, the #BackMidwives campaign was born.

With a rallying call that urged users that “the time to push is now”, our team created a social media campaign that showed the rawness involved from all sides. Real images, real midwives, real relationships – this digital campaign brought together different perspectives to resonate with different target audiences.

After overwhelming media interest, the campaign brought in over 5,000 signatures in the first 24 hours and 25,000 signatures in total. Empowering supporters across the country, campaign followers sent over 1,800 of our digital postcards to politicians’ inboxes, ultimately influencing the outstanding announcement of an extra $180 million in funding for maternity services – incredibly well deserved.

The team’s ability to quickly grasp the complex requirements of the project was impressive and the outcome was a professional, personal and highly effective campaign that really made a difference.
Alison Eddy, CE College of Midwives
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