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Midwife Aotearoa – the New Zealand College of Midwives’ member publication – was ready for a refreshed, contemporary look and to move to a chiefly online format.

Having already teamed up with Publica on a nation-wide engagement campaign, the project team worked closely to create a style uniquely Midwife Aotearoa.

Taking a newly developed editorial approach to the design of the pages, and subsequently to the content between the covers, this publication has been transformed. Now, refreshed fonts give a fresh feel whilst long-form content is complemented with image-based features. Proving the power of impactful imagery, this publication now lets real, high-quality photography speak for itself.

Including clickable areas to continue the learning journey, the reading experience is interactive and engaging in ways that print don’t allow. A smart move in the name of improving accessibility and production efficiency, the latest editions have been widely celebrated by readers.

The design team make the process flow easily and the images they select make each page pop.
When we needed to present the magazine in an on-line format, Publica supported us to find solutions.
Alison Eddy, CE College of Midwives

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