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As digital partners of the nationwide real-estate leader, Publica worked with Mike Pero Real Estate to take on the complex design and development of their platform.

The platform is an operational heavy-hitter with the real beauty built into the back-end. It automates property listing uploads, line manager reporting, and client gifting ā€“ building in simplicity is a key driver in gaining efficiencies. The staff Portal is a custom content system that empowers Head Office and agents nationwide to run their business ā€“ it’sĀ critical to their daily success.

The Publica approach to this build began by creating a technical, living scope document to guide the project at all stages. With regular face-to-face check-ins throughout, the partnership stayed productive throughout ā€“ plenty of laughs shared too.

Publica and Mike Pero Real Estate continue to share a future focus for the platform that centres on improving usability at every corner.

It’s an ongoing relationship.

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