Intellibed Sleep Genius

Voice controlled apps

The ultimate sleep experience.


  • Objective C | Swift
  • Java
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi Integration
  • Google Assistant Integration
  • Siri Integration

What we did

  • UI/UX Design
  • Design
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • API Integration
  • Product | Hardware Integration

US company, Intellibed, are leading innovators of sleep solution technology – products are scientifically engineered to maximise health and wellbeing through harmony of both mind and body.

The Intellibed Sleep Genius Smart Base, the world’s first Gel Matrix mattress with a connected home base, has been paired with app technology originally developed to improve NASA astronauts’ sleep schedules. Publica has been on board from day one, developing iOS and Android apps to deliver added sleep value to Intellibed users.

Powered by Publica’s app, the beauty of these bases is in the customisation – the premium adjustable sleep experience. From TV viewing to ‘zero gravity’ positions; full width or split base positioning; remote, app or voice command; Siri, Google Assistant, or (soon) Amazon Alexa integration – the power always lies with the user. Choosing from presets or their own preferred position, the user experience spans to include reach assist, sonic massage, and in-built USB ports.

Sleep programs within the app use low amplitude vibrations, music, and sound to regulate your brain’s sleep rhythms, based on your chosen goal of deep sleep, power nap or ultimate relaxation. With a central philosophy that focuses on treating rather than just tracking sleep habits, Intellibed Sleep Genius Bases are the complete wellbeing package for longer and deeper sleep.


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