Gold Band Taxis . Gold Band Taxis .

The oldest taxi company in Christchurch, Gold Band Taxis engaged Publica on a multi-stage re-brand, website, and app build. Our work extended to include identity design, tagline development, repositioning, campaign collateral, website abd app development and writing API integrations.

Publica’s web service acts as a key business tool in providing driver management, app-based ratings systems, advanced bookings, in-app ride payment, and a fare estimator.

“We’re going places”. The message is positive, progressive and echoes what Gold Band Taxi does – they take people to where they want to go. Bold, new and fresh, the brand marque incorporates a gold compass to further echo the central idea of movement.

We suggested a solution for added on-car signage, creating a suite of unique illustrated icons. Drivers were empowered to personalise their vehicles, choosing their own icons. This meant higher employee engagement and creation of a new revenue stream by offering on-car advertising.

They enjoyed an increase in market share on brand and platform luanch, in the same period as Uber’s entry into the Christchurch market – not an easy task.

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