Effortless fashion ecommerce


  • Custom Ecommerce
  • WordPress
  • DHL Integration
  • Vend – POS Integration

What we did

  • UI/UX Design
  • API Integration
  • Full Stack Development
  • E-Commerce

A high-end, custom fashion brand, Dadelszen’s philosophy centres around personalisation.

Equally, when Dadelszen engaged Publica to develop an ecommerce platform the emphasis was on creating high quality interactions with customers and ease of use for online purchase.

Keeping the experience seamless, Publica’s ecommerce solution integrates with Dadelzen’s existing POS system, inventory management, payment gateway and with DHL for customer delivery tracking. Identifying the IP location of users, the website shows prices in the relevant currency. Publica created a customer journey with customisable drip email templates for the Dadelszen team to update customers at each step of their product’s creation, including pictures of the garment mid-construction.

The website design asserts a simple feel to showcase the tailored work of the Dadelszen creatives. The browsing and purchase process echoes the brand’s values – classic and uncomplicated.

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