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The Difference Between an App and a Mobile Website

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What is the difference between an App and a Mobile Website?


Often when people call and ask us for a mobile app, what they are really asking us for is a mobile version of their website.

We thought we would take a moment to clarify the difference between the two.

A mobile website is viewed on a web browser and adapts to different screen sizes, such as a tablet or smart phone. Whereas a mobile app doesn’t need to go via a web browser, rather it is downloaded from a mobile store and is accessed directly.

Here are some of the benefits of having a mobile app:

– One-click calling, which enables users to call your business simply by tapping on your phone number.

– Click-to-map allows users to locate your business and instantly get directions, without having to manually input your address.

– Social sharing, which integrates social media apps and websites so users are only one tap away from sharing your content with friends and followers.

– Ecommerce capabilities that make your online store truly mobile.

– Tailored marketing, which lets users sign up for marketing lists and loyalty programs at the same time as enabling your business to easily launch location-based text-message marketing and email marketing campaigns.

A mobile app often functions as an extension of your brand, whereas a mobile website is essentially just a responsive interpretation of what you already have. In today’s mobile climate the latter is entirely necessary but companies could be missing out if they don’t also develop a mobile app.


If you would like more bespoke advice on this subject, get in touch.  We love talking about this stuff!

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