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St John: Ambulance App



Never is communication as important as it is when dealing with someone’s life.

Speed, efficiency and simplicity are needed in all the equipment used by St John staff, from state-of-the-art ambulances to Automated External Defibrillators.  In order to carry these elements through into the communications between paramedics and other St John staff as well as partnering hospital staff, we worked with them to create a bespoke app that is loaded onto tablets carried in every St John ambulance across New Zealand.

Over the years since 1885 when it was first decided to introduce the St John Ambulance Association to New Zealand during a public meeting held in St Mary’s Church, Christchurch, the organisation has been evolving and improving services to meet the increased and diversifying needs of our nation.

Like any organisation, St John rely on reporting systems to document their activities, identify areas for development, communicate with co-workers and ensure accountability.  As their work is fast moving and not office based, reporting needs to also be efficient and mobile.  St John staff were already using Android tablets in the ambulances so an app designed specifically for making the required reports was a straight-forward addition.


We designed the app to be as intuitive as possible.  When a paramedic opens it up and enters a job number, the location is automatically populated.  Drop down menus help the user to move quickly through the report.  Connection to the tablet’s camera mean images can be added to the report.  If the ambulance is in an area with connection then the report will be sent real time or saved until connection is possible.


These reports are not only emailed to St John to be stored for their own internal reporting systems but they can be used to inform doctors at the receiving hospital the history of the incident, including photos taken.  All invaluable information when treating an emergency patient.

St John has rolled this out across the country since November 2015 and in six months paramedics using the app have entered over 35,000 submissions onto the system.

This has been a fascinating app project for the Publica team to work on.  When you work with an entirely different sector, you get to develop your skills in new ways as you apply your knowledge to your client’s requirements.  Success comes through learning.

Can we learn about your company and help bring simplicity and efficiency to your work through an app made just for you?

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