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Sleep Genius Featured on iOS App Store

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Conceptualized by experts, assembled by Publica, endorsed by astronauts and now featured on the iOS App Store under best new app in Health & Wellness AND best new app in store! That’s right folks, Sleep Genius is going viral.

And how do we feel about this? One word: stoked.

In the office we currently find ourselves conflicted on whether to salute the victory with champagne or a topical siesta. But for those of you not yet on the Sleep Genius bandwagon we thought we’d at least commemorate this achievement by telling you what the app is all about.

Sleep Genius is far from your run-of-the mill remedy to sleeplessness. It is a mobile application designed to help even the toughest cases of insomnia through leading edge science and innovation. The app (which makes you slightly hate yourself for spending so much money on Chamomile tea), not only helps you get to sleep faster, but also sleep deeper and longer. Sleep Genius’s technology combines the knowledge of neuroscientists, sleep specialists and musicians to neutralize sleep rhythms and in turn, improve quality of life. New mothers, jet-lagged travellers and insomniacs around the world are offering testimonies for the app daily and the kudos doesn’t stop there.

Even from a development perspective, Publica’s decision to work with Sleep Genius was a no-brainer. We always knew the app was destined to thrive and change the lives of users for the better, but we definitely didn’t gauge quite how successful it would be. It goes without saying we are extremely proud to share Sleep Genius’s success.

On Facebook and Twitter we’ll be celebrating Sleep Genius by releasing some key features and benefits of the app. To stay posted make sure you like our page and follow us.

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