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Sleep Genius: App

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Sleep Genius: App

Last year a survey found that only 24% of New Zealanders get eight or more hours of sleep a night. Not surprisingly the same survey showed that 58% of us think we’re not getting enough sleep. We all know the importance of sleep and conversely that the lack of it can have some serious health implications, including; obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Many professionals experience severe challenges to getting a good nights sleep, particularly when your job means you have to work at night, such as working in hospitals, for flight companies, the hospitality industry and of course James Corden on the Late Late Show. For some, lack of sleep can grow to insomnia, which can then begin to effect your work in adverse if not dangerous ways. Astronauts for instance, experience real battles in getting to sleep. And as all good space travellers know, the force won’t be with you if you don’t get some sleep.

The Brief:

In 2014 Publica partnered with NASA, and a group of venture capitalists in the United States, to design and build a mobile app called Sleep Genius.

What we did:

Sleep Genius is an app that NASA wanted to develop to help their astronauts sleep in space and fight insomnia, which was brought on by too much noise and the lack of time perception.

The Outcome:

The app proved to be a highly successful tool for NASA staff and has since been released to the public, with a phenomonal uptake of over one million downloads for iPhones, Android phones and wearable devices.

The app has also been featured across International iTunes and Android app stores and was listed in Apple’s ‘Best of May’ and ‘Best Health & Fitness App’ charts. Sleep Genius has been dubbed as the world’s #1 Sleep App and gained an unfathomable amount of press including The Huffington Post, ESPN, Geekwire, Venture Beat and The Today Show.

You can throw away your snuggly and relax, let Sleep Genius take you to your dreams, literally. To download the iOs or Android app, search for Sleep Genius in your app store.

To find out more about Publica’s app designing skills, contact us.

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