Web Design and Development

At Publica, we know that bridging the gap between design and web development is vital to achieving a site that looks great, has a great user experience and is technically sound.

Intuitive website design and intelligent navigation are both important for outstanding user engagement and retention. As part of the web planning process our designers work with our web developers to strategise the best user experience (UX), visitor interaction and final technical requirements, while retaining attractive design and overall brand cohesion at the forefront.

At Publica, all websites we build are built to be responsive on phone and tablet devices – no strings attached. This has become even more important for our clients since April 2015, when Google started looking at websites’ mobile-friendliness as a way of ranking them. Simply put, when your site is responsive you’ll find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results in Google.

The platform and Content Management System (CMS) chosen for each of our clients is based on ease-of-use and best-fit for our clients. Our developers use a wide range of tools and platforms to build websites, from simple sites using WordPress to larger and more complex sites built with Custom PHP. We use platforms that are open source (meaning it’s free to use their software) and they’re constantly evolving and upgrading to ensure that your site can grow with you. We believe that whatever is selected for your site, it’ll fit all your digital needs.

Analytics will provide information on the user journeys through the website, highlight most used features/pages and offer technical information. Publica installs and tests Google Analytics tags on each website we build, and we give our clients access to use as much as they’d like.