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5 Reasons: Why You Need To Care About Responsiveness

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Mobile Responsiveness

Google has long stressed the importance of having a website that provides positive user experience and opportunities for engagement. Search engines have pleaded for web designers and developers to focus on making life easy for users, by making navigation accessible and understandable. These rules still apply, but for digital marketers the focus has shifted towards having these qualities present in the mobile versions of a website. 

Mobile responsiveness – that is, when a website which adapts according to the device you are view it on – is being discussed as the next influential ranking factor for search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s a fact that has caused a bit of a frenzy among digital marketers (particularly if it means that their clients need for fork out for a new website).

But luckily all our clients get to enjoy the benefits of a mobile responsiveness website by default of doing their website with us. And the reasons why we do this stretch far beyond the fact that search engines have decided it’s important enough to become a ranking factor.

This is why you need to care about (and we do) responsive design:

1.It makes your website and your brand look good

2. It means users can actually find what they are looking for about you from their mobiles

3. It sets you a cut above everyone who doesn’t have it

4. It shows that you care about your customers enjoying all experiences with your brand, be it on-the-go, a home, or in the shop.

5. And now, even Google will reward you.

But we see that as the icing on the cake.

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