The Chamber Show Reel

Branding & Design, Design, Digital Marketing, Illustration

What we did

As part of our on-going work for the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, we have been working with the marketing team to push the message out that The Chamber is ‘Your first source for business advice’.

They asked us to come up with a tool to clearly communicate their services in a versatile way that could be used online, at events and in meetings.  Our design and digital marketing teams worked together to create a two-minute show reel that told the story of The Chamber in a simple and highly visual way.

The Chamber’s core message is “We know business” and within that they have six areas that they can directly help local businesses wanting to grow; Get the right advice, Connect with the right people, Upskill yourself and your team, Keep up to date, Have your voice heard and Reap the savings.

We created a storyboard, set the scene with a location (The Chamber offices) and characters (business people receiving help) who come to The Chamber to receive help in six ways.  Each group of characters act out the services and bold typography reiterates them immediately after.   There is no jargon, no graphs or diagrams, just a clear message – The Chamber can help you.

We are really proud to have worked on this piece with The Chamber and we hope it helps more and more businesses to benefit from this crucial resource, right in our city.

If you have a message that you want to share in an animated way, tell us about it.



Tim Scollard
Mark Spurgeon
Dayle Direen
Dasha Tofanchuk