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What we did

St John has undertaken a project to eliminate their paper-based patient record system and ensure accurate information is provided by ambulances at the scene of an accident or emergency to the hospital staff waiting for the patient to transfer into their care, and submit other feedback on daily events. Publica developed an Android app and a customised web service for St John staff to use.

The app gives St John ambulance staff the ability to store data on devices when there is no internet connection in the field. When a connection becomes present the feedback data will automatically be submitted. Feedback forms record all relevant information, including photos taken by the device. The app allows for storage of multiple pdfs that are delivered by the St John Web Service, and also allows for dynamic fields controlled by the St John Web Service, which allows for extra data to be collected with each submission. The app also submits the user’s location with each form submission.

The web service collects the feedback submissions sent from the mobile app and allows the admin users to view the data (i.e. accident & emergency hospital staff). Added to this every time the web service receives a submission, the contents of the submission are put into an email and emailed to the appropriate personnel.  Efficiency is key when you’re saving lives!


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