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What we did

Primepac is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial supplies and packaging products, Primepac had been using an off the shelf e-commerce platform. The inflexible design gave customers a poor user experience, which can result in lost sales in the conversion process.

We worked with the team at Primepac to understand what they most needed out of their website, what were their customers’ preferences, how did the staff interact with the website and how it integrated with other platforms connected to the business.

Publica designed and developed an open-source platform that is unique to the Primepac business, so shopping is straight forward and fast for users, and the Primepac team can process orders with ease and accuracy.

The new platform integrates with MYOB EXO, the Inventory Management System, used by the Primepac team so transactions on the site flow through the processes with ease and data is distributed accurately and efficiently to the people and places that need it.



Antony Thompson
Mark Spurgeon
Dave Cullen
Dasha Tofanchuk
Adam Taylor
Peter Thomson
Claire Cowles