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What we did

We worked with the successful, national home loans and insurance consultancy company, NZHL to design and develop their brand new website.

With over 80 offices across New Zealand we wanted to ensure that each team were able to represent their own unique strengths and experience, whilst ensuring that site visitors were able to find the more general information about the services provided by the company.  The site was given an open, personable and yet professional look, with clever navigation that helped users find what they were looking for with the minimum of clicks.  NZHL were keen to have as much involvement as possible in the development of the site, so we developed flexible content tools to give them the ability to create pages as they wish but still in keeping with the overall look and feel of the site.

With a blog, a suite of calculators, office and consultant pages as well as a gateway to their finance tools, we delivered a full and effective site that the NZHL team can be part of developing now and far into the future.


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