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What we did

Mike Pero Real Estate is a well respected leader in the real estate industry. With 40 offices and over 180 sales people to represent across their two property websites and 200 microsites, design, platform architecture and user experience are crucial for engagement of the 2000 plus visitors to the site every day.

We gave the online brand a refresh, redefined the user journey experience, the layout and showcasing of imagery and media more effectively. Not only did we design and develop the main Mike Pero website, including separate office and sales people micro sites we also created the Mike Pero Prestige website, giving an elevated look for their most highly desirable properties on the market.

Our developers built a custom content management system that could be used easily by not only the Mike Pero Marketing Team but also each of the 40 offices and 180 sales people who have their own websites accessed through the main site. A cohesive approach to branding with flexible layouts created the desired outcome – a website representing one company of many parts.

With an ambitious time line and high expectations, Publica faced a huge challenge to deliver. For one team with many talents anything is possible and we were proud to deliver the new Mike Pero website on time and looking fabulous. Delivered on time, to specification and budget.

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