Gold Band Taxis

Branding & Design, Collateral, Vehicle Signage

What we did

Our brand for Gold Band Taxis was designed to effectively communicate Gold Band’s service and attract customers in an engaging and aesthetically enticing manner. We based our creative development around the positioning statement We’re Going Places, a notion with progressive and positive connotations, as well as a direct association to taxi services. Pointers featured throughout the brand work to further communicate this concept.

With a suite of over 50 bespoke destination illustrations, the side panels of the taxis point to a variety of locations where potential customers are likely to need a ride.

Throughout the branding we chose to use a golden yellow, maintaining a connection with the company name Gold Band. The use of a large, bold and modernised font allows the brand name to stand out across collateral, from letterheads to the company cars.


Case Study

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Mark Spurgeon
Aniket Tendolkar
Dave Cullen