Cavell Leitch New Zealand International Jazz & Blues Festival

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What we did

An international festival. In New Zealand. In Christchurch.

Looking back, how do you put into words how much the Cavell Leitch New Zealand International Jazz & Blues Festival contributes to our local festival culture? Bringing in big names, and highlighting homegrown talent, the programme is well worth shouting about. If you haven’t met Jodi Wright yet, the mastermind behind it all – you should.

Twenty-nineteen saw Publica on board again as Creative Partner, tasked with reimagining the look and feel of the festival’s offering. It’s a challenge that our Creatives look forward to as every year rolls round.

This year the festival gives a nod to the 60s – the decade that followed the spotless but sterile 50s, and that would lead in to the free-loving 70s. A time where music, design and fashion had the freedom to be more artful, fun and independent.

We saw the 60s as an explosion of expression, influenced by the psychedelic movement that was to take hold on popular culture and the art scene in the future. Art Nouveau-inspired curvilinear shapes and intense optical colour vibrations inspired pop art of the time. Bright colours and mod-style circular patterns took centre stage in our concept. Translated to the website home page, we gave movement to the design elements showcasing key acts.

A new year, a new programme, a new look, a new feel.