Armstrong Motor Group

Web Design & Development

What we did

Publica was tasked with designing and developing a refreshed website for Armstrong Motor Group (AMG), to bring a focus on conversion and provide a stronger platform to promote AMG’s offers. With the web design, we not only created a strong aesthetic but also improved the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to assist with our client’s conversion targets.

It was important for the AMG sales team to be able to easily and effectively engage with their website, allowing them to load their own content and have their content appear more dynamically. To this end, we built the site in WordPress with a flexible and easily managed CMS.

Concurrently with the new site being built, AMG wanted to move to a new Vehicle Management System (Autoplay VMS) and have this integrate with the website. We worked with Autoplay VMS to ensure AMG’s site went live with both the website and VMS working seamlessly.

We built a feed for the ‘vehicle search’ page to be populated from the Vehicle Management System, using raw data from the Autoplay VMS system via API. We also increased the ‘vehicle search’ speed on the website by using some clever coding in AngularJS.




Mark Spurgeon
Dave Cullen