New Safari update causing frustration and mishaps

Although macOS Monterey, the 18th major release of macOS, isn’t scheduled to release until later this year, Apple pushed the new browser update separately in September, making Safari 15 now available for all Mac users running macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina.

Despite Apple’s intentions to enhance performance, improve security and provide a more immersive and customisable experience with this new, re-imagined browser, major issues have crept into applications running on Safari 15. 

While there is a glimpse of hope that Apple might work some magic to resolve some of the glitches and design setbacks in the new browser, if you’re a Mac user that hasn’t yet upgraded to Safari 15, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. We recommend holding off on upgrading your browser until Apple works to resolve the issues.

The new update hosts an abundance of bugs causing chaos for those using Safari as their primary browser. Many have reported frequent crashes and errors when trying to load certain sites or bookmark specific tabs on sites like YouTube. The new browser design has also raised complaints with updates like the new shading of tabs making it challenging for users to decipher whether a tab is now active or not. 

If you have updated to Safari 15 and are struggling to access certain sites, experiencing website freezes or receiving “Safari quit unexpectedly” messages more often than you’d like, some affected users have reported that updating or reinstalling Safari 15 has helped to resolve some of these issues.

Whether or not you’ve updated to Safari 15, you need to be proactive about Apple’s latest changes if you own or operate a website. These issues could be causing errors or crashes for Safari 15 users trying to access your site or creating unwanted changes to your website’s design to make it compatible with the new browser layout. If your website conflicts with Apple’s latest updates and isn’t responsive or successfully operating across all browsers, you likely need to remove or readjust certain design aspects or update the JavaScript. 

If you’re unsure whether these changes affect your site, get in touch with your digital partner today. They can help you test and respond to any issues caused by this update.

Browser and platform updates are common reasons why websites suddenly experience undesirable issues that were never there before. Keeping your site up-to-date with security patching and regular testing will help you catch these issues quickly. If you’re part of the Publica family or are in need of a new, digital partner, remember we’re just a phone call away. We offer ongoing support and maintenance and will work with you to ensure your website is up-to-date and operational 24/7/365.

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