How e-commerce can support your business during COVID-19

New Zealand lockdowns last year led to a significant surge in the adoption of e-commerce and accelerated digital transformation nationwide. With fewer trips to physical stores permitted, people across the country shifted their shopping habits and businesses rapidly evolved to meet consumers online. 

We saw demand for online shopping skyrocket and witnessed a striking number of Kiwis become increasingly confident conducting transactions over the internet. More than half of the country was purchasing items from the comfort of their own homes. In 2020 alone, online consumer spending in New Zealand increased by more than 25 percent and more than 9,000 businesses kickstarted their online operations. 

As the country confronts another nationwide lockdown, businesses that haven’t yet adapted to a digital model are turning their attention online. Here are a few reasons why we urge you to follow the herd and consider investing in an e-commerce platform today.

Cost reduction. Starting and maintaining an online store is a lot more economical than renting a prime retail space or owning a physical brick and mortar store.  

Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. An e-commerce strategy enables your customers to shop from anywhere and at any time. And with things like personalisation, a great mobile experience and UX design, it’s easy to increase customer satisfaction online.

Extend your reach. An e-commerce operation enhances your online presence, making it easy for new customers to find out you exist and giving you opportunities to expand into new facets of your business and reach a wider audience online. 

Accessible and simple. The wide array of e-commerce platforms available today make starting an online business and selling online extremely accessible and simple.

Make money 24/7/365. An e-commerce store has no time or geographical constraints, allowing you to stay open and sell at all times. 

More data. Selling online helps you capture consumer data and insights, which can be used to analyse your performance, better understand your customers and explore areas where there might be room to improve. 

Business growth. Online shopping is growing at a rapid pace. Selling online helps you stay competitive, market and sell globally and grow your business quickly. 

E-commerce, in essence, has revolutionised retail, providing opportunities for low-cost growth and helping businesses across the country contend with COVID-19 disruption and disorder. If you have people to purchase and the means to deliver, selling online can help you survive and thrive in today’s increasingly digital world. 

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