Five things you should know about Publica

We’re a leading-edge digital and creative agency based in the best place on earth – Christchurch, South Island of Aotearoa. We take a partnership approach to our client relationships and we’ve nailed down the five ways in which our work is driven. Let this serve as a quick intro into the Publica world and what we’re about.

1. We’ll join your team.

Don’t have space for 23 new colleagues? Then that’s too bad. We’re not planning on shifting into your office space (we’re super happy where we are) but we will extend your project’s objectives to sit alongside our own organisational goals. We’re invested in your results and you’ll find us celebrating loudly when the wins come your way.

2. We’ll be frank.

You’ll find that the way we do things is transparent, honest and transparent again. Both in sharing this list, and in everything we do. When we’re talking future plans and we think there’s a better approach, or a different direction entirely, we’ll present it up for discussion.

3. We talk strategy.

Designers, developers and the digital marketers from Empire9 – experts in their fields, in-house resource, all strategic thinkers to their core. We don’t put tactics in motion, be that a creative campaign, website build or digital content,  without understanding the vision driving your business. No strategy? No solution – at least until we’ve co-created a roadmap to build long-term value.

4. We’ll challenge you.

Publica people are inspired by new ideas, insights and tactics. We table things that we know are worth consideration. Sometimes, these things might fall outside a client’s comfort zone but it’s never a job that will fall solely on their shoulders – it’s a team effort, leveraging the specialised capabilities that each party brings. We’ll challenge you and we’d want you to do the same to us.

5. We take the work seriously, but not ourselves.

If you’re looking for a sedate, straight-laced agency full of suits, you won’t find it here. We’re more of a smart jeans, pop of colour and some sweet sneakers kind of vibe. We’re more interested in using our smarts to get places fast than having our top buttons done up.

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