Designers vs developers

Chalk and cheese, oil and water, polar opposites and butting heads. Some people wonder how designers and developers do it – work together that is.

So, what does that look like? They’re disciplines that demand talent, but that you’d expect wouldn’t gel. If you’re building a business solution, you need both skills on the team – no question.

Gregarious vs reclusive, look vs function, creativity vs logic, aesthetics vs programme driven. The image is that designers feel they have to compromise their creative vision. People can feel that developers are forced to compromise on a functional, accessible experience. .

It’s a clash that seems to come down to mind-set. Left brain vs right brain thinking – a conflict of personality and professional style. Designers are seen as right-brain led creatives, applauded for capturing brands as visual realities. Artists, and ostensibly social creatures, who embrace fluidity in process, pursuing a ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that’s just so.

Developers are seen to channel left-brain logic. Applying reason and rational, driven to create something that works just right, using complex coding languages to do it. Withdrawing into the process.

We feel those are worn-out stereotypes. So often framed as a ‘vs’, yet they’re certainly not competing forces at our HQ. It’s just not how we approach it. We like re-imagine the traditional. We shun the archetypal, binary system where ‘who-does-what’ is spelled out and stuck to. Because more than being designers and developers, we’re Publica people – a multi-disciplinary creative collective. Let’s not forget we’ve got strategists and digital explorers on deck too, they’re a story for another time though.

We’re a team of thinkers and innovators, of analysts and artists. We have developers who are endlessly creative in solving problems, we have designers who are systematic and goal orientated in process. All agile, adaptable and collaborative.

You can think of us Publica people as cheese and crackers. Brilliant on their own but far better paired together.

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