Case Study: Website – Giesen

When you’re a luxury wine producer operating in an ultra-competitive environment, your web presence needs to be as premium as your product.

The challenge

A platform that performs and, just as importantly, that tells the Giesen story.

Giesen needed a business tool, that was engaging to navigate across all audiences.

The brief

Make it sharp, luxurious and cohesive. Must-haves? Essential business functionality, story-telling and dynamic visuals. Delivered on time and on budget, of course.

The work

The team was driven to produce a digital platform aesthetically uncomplicated, effortless in its execution impression, and a journey from start to end. Retail consumers are greeted by a front-facing experience that is as visually striking as it is easy to use – one that showcases the brand authentically, and in its best light. Wine varietals, tasting notes, regions and accolades are all part of a customer’s journey with Giesen, beginning with this key touchpoint.

Beyond just a brand, Giesen is a community. Naturally, information and product practicalities are platform essentials but we’re never happy with just meeting expectations. The project team exceeded them by creating an entirely new experience. Our expert developers showed their skill by seamlessly linking Giesen’s social media channels to the brand’s digital home. Guiding users to stories, news and content for the curious. It’s a touch that adds added personality to the luxury positioning.

We Publica people love telling stories and the story of Giesen is one really worth sharing. Sure, we could tell their visitors all about Marlborough, the birthplace of their wine, but what if we could show them? Images captured from a fly-through of the Waiau Valley at great heights, recreated and built into an interactive, digital and 3D map of the region.

Internally, the digital footprint serves a diverse and far reaching audience. The project and client teams were collaborative in their work so expectations were clear. Off-the-shelf plugins or templates? Thanks, but no. A custom build was the only way for this tool to meet the needs of users at all levels – the platform connects head office, teams of sales staff, marketers and an international network of distributors. All empowered with the ability to add and amend content at the back end, whilst secure in their knowledge that the front will respond intuitively.

The result

Results – it’s what drives our team at the end of the day. A proud touchpoint and brand asset for Giesen, with real longevity thanks to the team’s creative ambition.

We have it on good authority from the good people at Giesen that the platform was well received by their wider network, all features functioning just as they should. Beyond the usability, the platform captured their brand identity entirely and the project process was a productive at every step.

Publica people are your partners. A cliché for some but true for us. The training and support we provided was key to the confidence key Giesen people had in getting the most from their platform. We’d say that’s what you’d call a win-win.

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