Case Study: Brand + Website – Hazlett

Bringing fresh recognition to a trusted voice in the local, rural sector was an exercise in taking stock and shifting to greener pastures.

Ten years committed to New Zealand’s heartland, Hazlett’s brand needed to better reflect their updated offering. Just like outfits, brands date – as your business moves forward into new territory, your brand needs to keep up in continuing to speak to what you do best. While it might do the job, it might not be sending the right, overall impression. In this case, that’s where we came in.

Hazlett engaged us to undertake a website refresh, soon expanding to a full brand update. Read on for the rundown.

The objective

Hazlett brought a digital challenge to Publica HQ’s door. New look site; re-represent us digitally.

The reverse brief

Our Publica people put their heads down, launching into the research and strategic thinking rhythm to offer up our ‘reverse-brief’. A project principal Publica-wide, it’s our way of saying ‘this is what we understand about you’. After some cross-team collaboration and open discussions with the Hazlett project party, we embarked on a brand refresh together in tandem with building a new digital platform.

The work

We took our newfound analysis and past learnings, and injected that staple Publica ‘blue-sky-thinking’ into the platform design. A professional yet down-to-earth look and feel, the website needed to say, “We are Hazlett”. Multi-pronged and well-serviced, positioned to deliver both rural and commercial services throughout the Canterbury region and nationwide. Theirs is a people-first approach to building value, always.

Thanks to that client-first mentality between both teams, the project didn’t stop there. Hazlett wanted the same look and feel evoked by their digital platform to be projected at every touchpoint between company and customer. We crafted creative that was cohesive with their online presence – creative that uniquely says, Hazlett. It’s hard working and flexible, presenting the voice across all signage and collateral.

Website update turned total brand refresh – job done. Except, it isn’t. Publica and the good people at Hazlett continue to partner in business.

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