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News: Spectrum Launches Tonight

From The Studio



Last year the RISE street art festival brought in 250,000 visitors and garnered international attention. This year’s Spectrum festival is expected to yield a similar result.

Featuring the largest Banksy collection in the Southern Hemisphere, the Spectrum Street Art Festival held by Oi YOU! is an art event not to be missed. Subway cars tattooed with a history of street art and some of the genre’s earliest pioneers are soon to be found in the Christchurch YMCA and Canterbury Museum.

George Shaw, the event organiser, has noted that the festival will hone in on the experiential aspects of the cultural movement, beginning by leading visitors through a subway station, complete with authentic noise. ‘Immersion’ is the operative world for the festival, as visitors are invited to engage with the work, rather than view from afar behind a red velvet barrier. Word on the street suggests there will even be a satirical reference to Justin Bieber’s attempt to join the movement and a thrift shop installation piece.

After a sneaky preview local journalist, Abbie Napier stated, “The layers of art are so complex you could spend hours staring at the walls and still have missed something subtle, something funny or something beautiful. Set aside some serious time for this show.” That we will.

As creative sponsors of the Spectrum Street Art Festival we developed an app called “Street Wise” offering information on the street art pieces around Christchurch. To download, search Street Wise on the app store or hit the button below.


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