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New Zealand Jazz & Blues Festival: Rebranding A Festival

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New Zealand Jazz & Blues Festival: Rebranding A Festival


The Brief

We were thrilled to be approached by Festival Director and Founder, Jodi Wright at the beginning of the year, asking if we would be interested in a full rebrand of the The Cavell Leitch New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival.

Living and working in Christchurch, we know how important events are for bringing people into the city centre, providing a setting to spend relaxed time with friends and to enjoy the talents and skills of artists who come from all over the world.    In the last three years we have enjoyed providing the brands for popular events such as Spectrum Street Art Festival and Christchurch Stands Tall, so this year we’re happy to add music to our repertoire.

For the NZ Jazz and Blues Festival, we were asked to create an entirely new brand that would run through both their offline and online marketing.

The wonderfully eclectic programme for the Jazz Festival means the audience is as diverse as the performers on stage.  The faithful jazz enthusiast will enjoy the established talents of headliner, the Ramsey Lewis Quartet, whereas there is no lack of choice for someone with a much more broad appreciation of jazz who is looking for something a little more quirky or emerging in style.

What we did

In order to attract the diverse audience we have used colour and shapes to subtly reflect what will be most attractive to the viewer.  Warm and rich browns point to elegant, mature sets and cool greys and pinks draw the attention of those looking for something less traditional.  These kaleidoscope designs are carried throughout multiple marketing collateral for the Festival, from its 12-page programme to all print advertising on billboards, newspaper adverts and posters.   

The Outcome

We saw an opportunity with the Festival’s website to bring animation to the brand, which comes in the form of three beautiful, moving kaleidoscopes dancing on-screen when people arrive at the homepage.  Of course we created a totally responsive website that suits all devices, because here at Publica we don’t think our clients should settle for anything less.

We know Jodi and her team will deliver yet another spectacular Festival to Christchurch in 2016, and we’re very proud to have created a visual representation of their Kaleidoscope of Sound.

Check out the stunning website at, but seriously don’t let our kaleidoscopes distract you from your work!

If you have something beautiful you want to tell people about, let us help you with that.

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