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New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival 2016: A kaleidoscope of sound

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New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival 2016: A kaleidoscope of sound


Have you ever been witness to pure musical genius? You’re sitting or standing in front of a musician or group of musicians and they are giving you a moment in your life that you will never forget?

Live music contains a thousand notes, a thousand emotions, one precious memory.

When we were commissioned to create a brand for this year’s New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival we wanted to represent the experience Festival guests will have when they spend a night with world-class musicians.

In our business, a picture is worth a thousand words right? So what picture is worth a thousand sounds? Our Creative Director was mulling this over recently when he came across a children’s kaleidoscope. What represents this Festival? A kaleidoscope of sound – translated into a moving, ever changing, explosion of a thousand colours and shapes on your screen.

Just this week we launched The Cavell Leitch New Zealand Jazz and Blues Festival website and we’d love you to visit. We hope upon arrival to the site, anticipation will rise for what is going to be a colourful explosion of music through the streets of Christchurch.

For five nights in late-May, Christchurch will experience its own kaleidoscope of sound across performance venues in the city. A vast mix of genre and skill, there is something for everyone in the Festival. From Grammy Award winning, NEA Jazz Master Ramsey Lewis to the ‘Queen of Boogie Piano’, Jan Preston there will be a performance for you.

We’ve had so much fun creating a brand, developing the website and working with the Festival’s marketing team to showcase the talented musicians, sponsors and partners that will be bringing the Festival to life this Autumn.

The Cavell Leitch New Zealand International Jazz and Blues Festival
25-29 May 2016, Christchurch NZ




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