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Monthly Wrap: June 2014

From The Studio


TMW June 2014

That’s a wrap folks! June is over and now we’re facing the true brunt of New Zealand Winter: July. Here’s a bit on what we’ve been up to this past month.



Studio Brags


The San Francisco Trip

Earlier in June our directors took off to San Franscico to hobnob in Silicon Valley. While they were there they saw the announcement of iOS8 and the HealthKit software, brushed shoulders with industry giants and took an endless amount of photos (you can find them on our Pinterest boards). It was a voyage to be envied by all in the office.


Mark’s Contribution to NZ Business

Our creative director Mark, was lucky enough to give NZ Business Magazine his 2 cents on the wild world of mobile business apps. We even scored a sneaky ad spot at the bottom of the page. We’d like to thank NZ Business and Bill Bennett for giving us the opportunity to contribute to this great article.

Read it here >>


Playlist Publica

At the end of the month, we launched our own company playlist via the free (and legal) streaming service Spotify. To listen to the playlist just create an account, download the program and search for ‘Playlist Publica’ or listen on the web player. It’s just a little treat from us to our followers.

Start Listening Now >> 



Client Triumphs


Sleep Genius: The Fame Continues

At the beginning of June, the Sleep Genius app we developed was named in the ‘Best of May’ category of the iOS store. This was one endorsement among many. We’re very proud to be increasingly known as the cutting edge creative agency that puts people to sleep. Now there’s an oxymoron for you.

Learn More About Sleep Genius >>


Tongue in Groove: Turning Heads

The packaging design we created for Tongue in Groove Wines was turning heads at the Winter Style Lab held by local blog, We Built This City. Word on the street, positive comments and kudos were flying. Nice one guys – we’re stoked to be sharing your success!

See Our Designs >>



Latest Creations


Kennett Crafted Jewels Website

The beginning of June saw the launch of the new Kennett Crafted Jewels website. The design is fresh and striking (befitting of the jewels on offer), yet does not detract from the rich history behind the company. The site effectively showcases the product and creates a branded experience which combines modernity and elegance.

Visit The Site >>


Online Hi-Fi E-commerce Website

Online Hi-Fi is an e-commerce site we developed, offering the latest home entertainment and sound technologies. We developed the website to effectively promote products and created a retail management system which grants customers the option to purchase the products through local retailers.

Visit The Site >>


Latest Posts

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