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How to Know When Your Brand Needs a Facelift

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How to Know When Your Brand Needs a Facelift


A brand refresh can be just like a personal makeover – a better haircut, an up-to-date outfit and new shoes can make all the difference to how someone is perceived. It’s the same with a brand.

A refresh can still incorporate your business’ most recognisable visual elements to maintain a visual connection to your brand. But giving it a new “wardrobe” can give your brand the boost it needs. A collateral revamp, a new website, and revisiting your look and feel can breathe new life into a company, even without radical changes.

Let’s put it this way: Just because you can still wear clothes from your high school or university days doesn’t mean you should.

If the quality of the visual brand doesn’t accurately reflect the quality and essence of the firm itself, some brand design decisions should be made.

A brand refresh was just the thing for our client, Casa Construction. Their, once small, building business was growing, and they were looking to showcase their work and offerings to a wider audience than they had before.

Maintaining their original logo and brand colours, we were able to give the brand an injection of vibrancy and effectiveness by updating other elements of their brand, such as developing new collateral and developing a new website.

Two key elements that were important to Casa’s brand refresh were:

Keeping the logo, shifting the look – We established a new imagery style to be used across Casa’s collateral and website. Complimentary brand “patterns” were developed to be used across design elements to achieve a fresher and more consistent look across the brand.

Rethinking messaging – At Publica, we believe in hanging our clients’ brands on clear key messaging, that clearly captures the essence of their brand and offering. For Casa, this was  “Our Expertise, Your Home” which we rolled out across the different brand elements.

Overall, Casa has become more vibrant, recognisable and consistent in everything they put out in the market. They have an offering they are proud of, and a brand to match. If a refreshed brand reinforces your company’s relevancy and gets people getting excited about your offering and business, you’ve nailed it.

Want to know more about what we did for Casa Construction click here or if you would like to talk brand refresh with someone contact us today!


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