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HealthKit: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ many mothers have traditionally said to their children. Who’d have known this saying would eventuate into a witty parable to match Apple Computer’s HealthKit announcement? We’ll break the ice and say we didn’t see it coming.

Yes, Apple has brought a new toy to the table, which they themselves have dubbed as revolutionary. HealthKit, hosted by the app fittingly called Health, is a tool designed for synthesis between health apps – both Apple-owned and third party. What does this mean? It means information from your Nike Run app, your blood pressure app and your Sleep Genius app will be available from a single dashboard. As many have nicely pointed out, this development will mark the end of health app silos and the beginning of a holistic digital health system.

Furthermore, Apple has partnered with the Mayo clinic app to extend the capacities of the Healthkit development into the sphere of treatment. Now in those fragile moments hypochondria, Mayo’s app can draw upon the information provided by your Health dashboard to more accurately diagnose your physical condition and determine the urgency of medical assistance (the privacy of users of course being protected to the greatest extent possible).

Since Publica has helped develop health and fitness apps like Sleep Genius, which could benefit from this new shift in digital health, we are certainly interested in what the future for the dashboard holds. Although we’d love to speculate on the potential of new Apple technologies to work with HealthKit, we have decided to hold out for a surprise.

But over to you now, how beneficial would you find having all your health information in one place? Will this app inspire you to participate in the digital health trend if you don’t already?

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