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Great Design – 10% Creativity, 90% Creating Order.

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When I tell people I am a designer the majority immediately say to me “so you make logos and things?” to which I inwardly shed a tear and make the conscious decision to give up the fight before it’s started and let them just think that all designers do is make pretty pictures.

What most probably do not realize is the drawing of pretty pictures only makes up a tiny percentage of what we designers do. The job of a good designer really is to create order out of chaos. Most of our days are spent analyzing how other people’s companies work, finding the areas that could be improved and creating a new structure that is most efficiently going to help that company succeed in their market.

Each job is a completely different challenge – we can’t treat the design and implementation of an international rental companies online presence in the same way we create a brand for a boutique high end jeweller.

Take for example our very soon to be released work for Trippa Travel. Trippa are a camper and car rental company that are entirely run through their web presence. The customer’s entire experience with Trippa Travel is through the website. This means the success of a sale lives and dies depending on first off obviously Trippa offering a product the customer desires – but just as important is the user experience of the site. If the user can not easily and effectively navigate the site and make a purchase, Trippa makes no sale.

So, to create a user environment that is successful means we have to spend a serious amount of time analyzing every detail of how the site will be used, what the customer will most want to and need to see – and then implementing and much of the time innovating to achieve the best results.

The aim for any great designer is to create a design environment where the customer never questions its purpose or functionality. It seems like a strange desire but you know you are doing your job right when there are no questions asked.

The “making logos and things” is such a small part of the design process. Think of any product that you use every day. Your iPhone, your coffee machine, your headphones – all of these things will have primarily had hundreds if not thousands of hours time spent on assuring their functionality was perfect before making them look aesthetically pleasing.

All in all great design is about much more than a pretty picture and a logo – in most cases it can be paramount to a business’ success.

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