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We Know How To Focus your Brand


Branding is like a lens on a camera.  It brings focus.  It frames what you are communicating.  It tells the story.  And much like when you use a camera, simple adjustments can deliver significant results.

We have recently been working with the Chamber (Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce), helping to bring focus to their brand.

The Chamber already has a well-established brand mark so our job was to ensure that this was clearly identified across their marketing collateral.  We did this by “framing” what it is that people consciously and sub-consciously identify with the Chamber’s brand.  In this case, it was about clarifying the colour palette, and implementing a consistent use of font and mark.  Simple and yet often neglected disciplines, but they get results every time.

Once we had a clear framework for the brand we then began to work on the focus.  What are the important messages that the Chamber needs to get out?  Who are they talking to?  What can’t be missed?

The Chamber is the expert on business.  It is a resource for professionals and businesses within the region to get advice and support across a wide range of business subjects, from Health and Safety legislation to conflict management.  Through research, lobbying, appointment of expert advisors and running events the Chamber holds a huge bank of knowledge that is there to be tapped into by its members.

By creating the positioning statement, ‘We Know’ across the branding we focused in on the Chamber’s key message: We are the experts, we understand your needs, we are here to help.

This branding has already been used throughout all the Chamber’s printed communications and we’re looking forward to carrying it onto their online marketing.

To capture the best image, you need to know how to use a camera lens.  To capture your audience, you need to focus your brand.

If you would like help with your branding, give us a call.

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