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5 Reasons To Grab Your .NZ Domain Name

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As of 1pm yesterday, September 30th 2014, the “.nz” domain name was introduced to the world, offering New Zealanders an opportunity to buy a domain name referring directly to their country by dropping the “.co” prefix. We have had a lot of people ask whether they should bother with grabbing their new domain name. The answer is “yes”, and here is 5 reasons why.


1. It’s shorter

The “.nz” domain name is shorter, it’s punchier, it’s more direct. You will have 3 less characters to fit on that line of your business card. The shorter “.nz” rolls off the tongue. No longer when you say your domain name, will you reach the end of it panting like an asthmatic breathing through a straw. You will be able to get it all out in one hit. It’s also memorable. At networking events people will only have to remember the “.nz” and be able to omit the added ‘co’ from their minds. What’s not to love?


2. It’s a pretty big deal

Campbell Gardiner from Domain Name Commission noted, “this is a big change, this is probably the biggest to the .nz domain name space since 2002. ” In other words, it’s a pretty big deal. We even bet Australia to dropping the “.co”. We’re calling that a win.


3. Once you have it, no one else can

On a more serious note, you really want to grab your “.nz” domain so that no one else does. If you already own the “”, “” or “” versions of your desired domain, you will likely be given the domain preferentially within the first 6 months. So don’t panic if you haven’t done it already. But after the 6-month window has closed, the domain is public territory – and once someone buys it (such as a competitor)… you may never get it back.


4. It’s forecasted to be trendy

Given the number of people and businesses who opted to buy their “” domain name, it has been predicted that many will also be grabbing the more simplified “.nz”. Trend alert.


5. We can sort it for you

So we have told you why you should buy a “.nz” domain and probably convinced you it’s a good idea. But as for the ‘how to do it question’, there is a few options. You can check the availability of your name and register it here or, if Publica currently hosts your website you can give us a call and we will sort it for you. Easy.

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