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Health and Safety is App-solutely Essential for Davis Ogilvie

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Davis Ogilvie - App Creation


When you are a successful, highly skilled and multi-disciplined company like Davis Ogilvie, it’s important that your team is armed with tools that ensure they perform their tasks as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

Having worked with Davis Ogilvie through their rebrand and website development, we were delighted to work with them again on the creation of a bespoke app to assist with their on-site Health and Safety processes.

The company works with clients in Canterbury, Greymouth and Nelson.  They have expertise in planning, surveying and civil, structural and geo-techinical engineering, which means at any one time their teams are working on numerous and varied development sites across the South Island.

With each project Davis Ogilvie must comply with specific and detailed health and safety requirements.  Historically this was fulfilled using initial notes made by members of the Davis Ogilvie team.  Documents were created to ensure personnel on site complied with health and safety requirements, and with every change made further assessments were made at every stage of the project.

These processes generally involved, paper and pen and cameras on site, then computers and printers back at the office.  We agreed with Davis Ogilvie when they suggested there might be a more efficient way of producing the required documents.  A system that could be easily updated and provide on-going health and safety assessments in professional looking PDF documents.


Based on existing Davis Ogilvie assessment and report documents, our clever app designers at Publica created a custom built app that is now used across the company’s offices on all of their projects.  Using company tablets, the app takes the user through an automated process that inputs required information onto a uniquely designed health and safety document that includes notes and photos taken on the same tablet.  Each job is given a code, meaning throughout the project these documents can be updated and reproduced in line with changes made on site that require new health and safety measures.

At any time these reports can be sent by email or to print, guaranteeing that everyone who needs the information can access it as and when needed.


For Davis Ogilvie site safety is crucial to the success of their projects.  This app has given them a valuable tool in achieving continuous on-site safety.  How might an app help you achieve your goals?

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