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Creating a difference through illustration

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Here at Studio Publica, along with planning world domination, becoming vampires and setting up the first design studio on the moon (and, of course, creating exceptionally awesome designs for our clients), we also do illustrations – for those wanting something that little bit extra to make their brand visually dynamic & unique.

Illustrations, like designs, don’t just come from thin air – careful time is taken to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts, and through a range of different processes depending on the project, create the final art.

Recently we were asked to do some illustrations for Underground Coffee Company, to brand the origins of their coffee beans (which come from all over the world) & their coffee bean blends.

After coming up with some cool ideas & concepts, we decided to go for a hand drawn approach for the art – pencils, paper, & ink, we then digitised the artwork, carefully converting it to a vector image (while retaining the original quality of the illustrations), and digitally colouring the final work.

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