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Contemporary Lounge X Once Twice

From The Studio


Once Twice X Ballantynes

Our friends over at Ballantynes Department Store & The Contemporary Lounge have recently collaborated with the blog Once Twice for a style piece on Huffer’s new range AIM.


This is an awesome step forward for the new Ballantynes online store and we’re stoked to see their uptake on guest blogging as part of their overarching digital marketing strategy. The integration is completely seamless and maintains a casual, unobtrusive tone throughout. We’re certainly tempted to get our hands on the leather jacket.Guest blogging is a great way to build relationships with influencers in the online space, create buzz and generate leads to your website.

Bloggers often love partnering with professionals and businesses relevant to their industries and see it as a reciprocal exchange of press. Even for the most menial and mundane of service sectors, trust me, there’s a blogger out there somewhere in the world waiting to colab with you.

Read the full Contemporary Lounge X Once Twice article herePhoto Credit: Once Twice & The Contemporary Lounge


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