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Client: YMCA

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A brand restyle for YMCA Christchurch

One of the best parts of our job is getting to know our clients, finding out about what they do and why they do it. Sometimes we work with organisations that we already know quite a bit about but then as we dig a bit deeper we found out so much more. Working with YMCA Christchurch was a little like that!

The Brief

YMCA is a very busy organisation with five venues in Canterbury, four in Christchurch City Centre and one in Akaroa. They run a hostel, school holiday camps and activity programmes, an art gallery, an adventure centre specialising in rock climbing, two gyms and free educational courses for young people.

This range of activities and services means that their audience is very diverse. Through their marketing and communications they need to reach schools, tourists, families, young people, corporates, youth groups, donors, volunteers and sport enthusiasts.

The brief from YMCA was that they wanted to strengthen their identity, bring consistency to their brand and in all their communications reflect the value they put on people; to strengthen families and build community. The focus of YMCA Christchurch is ‘Making a Difference – Investing in the Next Generation’ which is a really positive ethos that we felt could be reflected in the branding.

What we Did

In our work with YMCA Christchurch we created a flexible brand that could be carried across all their collateral, appealing to the varied audiences and able to have an impact whatever the medium, be it printed, online, large scale advertising or localised client communications.

We chose a bright colour palette of oranges giving the brand energy, youthfulness and a sense of adventure. A simple ribbon device that complements the YMCA logo is used throughout the collateral so consistency of brand is ensured. We even chose a “friendly” font that again is used in all marketing and communications to reaffirm the YMCA brand across all their activities.

The Outcome

It’s been great to work with YMCA in helping them to strengthen their brand and focus their message across their communications. Of course we also work with Spectrum and look forward to see what new street art exhibitions will be brought to our city in the future. Bringing inspiration to the next generation is an ambition we want to be part of.

If you would like to bring focus to your communications, come and chat to us.

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