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Client: Xtend-Life

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The Eternal Beauty Collection

We have enjoyed working with the Christchurch based natural health supplements and skincare company, Xtend-Life for just over a year now.

Christchurch born, researcher and advocate of natural health, Warren Matthews founded the company with his son in 2000 as much for personal reasons as for business. He wanted to create products that would enable people, like him and his family members, to stay healthy and extend their lives beyond expectations, which is something we’re happy to help promote!

The Brief

With a large market share in the US the company has in recent years been building business in Asia. As part of this, Xtend-Life wanted to showcase their Eternal Beauty Collection; a clinically proven combination of ingredients and products formulated to nourish skin from the outside and within, all made in New Zealand. As always with Xtend-Life, they believe the products will sell themselves so there wasn’t to be large amounts of money spent on advertising and celebrity endorsements, rather beautiful presentation of products tailored to the target market.

What We Did

Publica researched into the buying trends in the Asian market and identified key elements that would present the Beauty Bag in an attractive way to potential customers, give the brand elegance whilst still maintaining its message of all natural and NZ made products. By translating it into four different languages, we could also ensure there were no barriers in communication of detail.

We created the look and feel, worked with a photographer to capture the true beauty of the products and develop a desirable brand for the Beauty Collection.

This brand has been carried over various collateral for the Eternal Beauty Collection including packaging, brochures and online promotions.

The Outcome

Just like the age defying powers of Xtend-Life’s products the Publica powers of branding and design have produced a strong and attractive brand to extend the Beauty Collection out to new markets for many years to come.

If you would like to introduce your products to a larger market then come and talk to us.

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