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Client: Soulful Ltd

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Bringing wellness online

Claire and the team at Publica understood our brief and concept, then worked with us to deliver unique branding and a website that will help grow our business into the future.  Angela Gordon


It was great to meet local businesswoman Angela Gordon and find out about her new venture, Soulful. Whilst travelling overseas, Angela discovered an innovative way of bringing the benefits of essential oils into the home or workplace through the use of attractive and modern, ultrasonic diffusers.

Angela asked Publica to create a brand for the company and then develop a new e-commerce website, from which she could sell a range of diffusers with pure blend and essential oils. With the ethos of health and wellbeing at the centre of the company, Soulful wanted the site to be able to grow as they added new products and expanded their audience in the future.


Soulful is about bringing health, peace and wellbeing into the home or workplace so the brand needed to reflect this core aspiration. Taking inspiration from the mist that rises from the aroma diffusers our designers created a tri-symmetrical logo that represented the company’s message, ‘Feel good, be well’. An aqua colour palette was applied and this gave a calm and fresh look to carry throughout all the branding.


Simplicity is very much at the heart of Soulful so the brand has been used very lightly on both the website and company collateral. Reflecting the products on offer at Soulful the website is clean and minimalist, showcasing the colour and vibrancy of the diffusers and the oils used with them.


Development of the site again reflected the simplicity and calm of the Soulful brand. Pages don’t shout at the website user, rather they guide people through the Soulful collection, giving clear and concise information with each step.


The site has been built using WordPress, which gives the Soulful team an easy to use CMS that can adapt and grow with the business. Our team has used our flexible e-commerce platform to deliver a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of Soulful, which again can adapt as more products and functionality is added to the site in the future.


With a new e-commerce business it’s vital that a site can be used with social media to build up an audience and exhaust all the opportunities an online shop has for taking products to people across the country and not limited to just one city. Linked to Facebook and Instagram, the Soulful team can drive traffic to their site as well as using their integrated Blog page to link the site with other like-minded sites.

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