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Client: SBL

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When we first met with the Directors of SBL International, we were impressed with their passion and knowledge of the business they have been excelling in since 2003.


SBL have two online elements to their business; their website that introduces SBL International to dealerships across New Zealand and Australia, which also acts as a portal to their online auction site where registered customers can bid on cars to be imported. We took time to understand their unique approach to this bespoke service.

The brief was to refresh SBL's online look, redevelop a modern website and create a more international "signature" to their online presence.


Our designers used shapes and shades in the imagery that gave a feeling of luxury, in line with the sensation one gets when you sit behind the wheel of a high performance car. SBL works with partners across the globe and their business is growing, so it was important that the site showed international reach. A city skyline was illustrated in shades of white, giving a futuristic backdrop to the cars featured on the site.

SBL wanted the site to feel more interactive. We designed and developed info-graphics for the process and finance pages, which respond as the viewer moves through the steps. This ensures that each step is given attention, before moving onto the next.

Our designer reflects on her work:
"The project is clean and stylistic to fit with the SBL branding. I wanted to bring the timeless and high quality product of the company into the site. The 'fantasy' city represents the professionalism and global service the team offers."


To work with the ageless design on the website, the SBL wanted to be given the ability to update content on the site. We love "client empowerment" in the Publica studio. We believe a website is a tool for the company who own it, so we build sites that will work with the client. When there is strong branding and a clear design remit, then giving the client the opportunity to make changes helps them to get the most out of it.

As SBL International grows and diversifies, elements on every page can be changed to reflect this. Visitors to the site will see the most up-to-date version of the company and important details, such as contacts and finance information, are accurate.


The SBL International team pride themselves in taking complications and problems of vehicle brokering away from their clients. Their years of experience and strong supplier relationships mean the process runs smoothly. This company culture is reflected in the navigation on the website. It's easy to move through and information is presented in a clear and concise manner. There is no surplus to requirement, nothing to distract from their service.

It's been a real pleasure working with the SBL International leadership team.

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